Welcome – I’m Helen and I’m pleased to see you.

So, what are we all doing here? (in blogland that is, it’s a bit early in the game to come over all existentialist, isn’t it?) Well, I would like to explore the idea of what defines art and creativity. I used to think you could only claim that you were an artist  if you could draw or paint. I can’t do either, therefore I’m definitely not an artist, right?

Hmmmmm, I’m not so sure anymore.

Whilst I was stuck at home some years ago, recovering from serious illness and major surgery (which I’m sure we’ll get to at some point), I suffered a fairly devastating loss of confidence, which I now know is not uncommon in that situation. I really was crippled with a growing loss of identity and I became like an echo of my former self – it was all still there, just diminishing all the time. During this time my mum gave me a book – ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron – which seeks to uncover/recover the artist in us all. Now, one of the things that happens to you when you experience significant loss of self-confidence is that the thought of trying anything new and unfamiliar , especially a self-exploratory exercise designed to unearth a hidden part of you, is really quite daunting. I was quite happy as I was, thanks, who wants to be an artist anyway? Except I wasn’t happy, so I started the process outlined in the book. I won’t go into that now – all in good time dear friend. The important thing to know is that I have allowed myself licence to consider myself……Creative. And no, I haven’t learnt to draw, but I have learnt that there are many forms of creativity.

However, I’m still very much at the start of this journey and, I’ll admit it, I’m a bit scared. When you tell people you’re creative, or artistic, they expect great things from you – “Oh wow. Did you make that ring/paint that picture/write that play?”…..”No, that was done by a real artist, I’m not a real artist.” Well, enough I say! We’re all artists. Genuinely, honestly. I now firmly believe that every, single human being on the planet is capable of creativity.

Absolutely everyone.

Even you.

I can actually hear you all protesting – “No, you don’t understand, I’m really not creative! I can’t draw or paint, or sing or dance, or any of that stuff.” Well, I tell you now, I’m not buying it. Don’t be confounded by traditional notions of creativity, e.g. painting portraits, sculpting from clay or writing bestsellers. It is my mission to help you find your creative outlet. Through this blog we will play with new creative ideas, encourage one another and learn the many, many benefits of becoming immersed in creative activity.

So, for now – please leave a comment simply saying either ‘Yes, I consider myself creative and this is how I express it – ****[insert mode of expression/form of creativity here]’ or ‘No, are you crazy?!’ and we’ll take it from there!