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I feel I should introduce myself properly, my creative self that is…..

When I was a small person I was seriously into books. I used to nag my poor parents to read to me, until I could read myself (which I’m told I achieved before I even started school) and letters to Father Christmas always included a long list of books I wanted.

The natural progression from reading stories was creating stories. I remember one based around my Sylvanian Families toys which was an account of a birthday party with all sorts of weird and wonderful arboreal themed food and drink. I’m quite sure I bored my family senseless with my relentless quest to share my stories. Well, I have always liked to be heard….

I also remember art classes with a friend of my parents who was an art teacher at the same school they taught at. I’m not sure what prompted these, maybe my Mum’s particular drive to see others become creative, which is responsible for where I am today 🙂 The one thing that stands out from those sessions is learning that trees don’t really look like lollipops, but that they have many, many lines and it’s beautiful to show them all.

The quilt of creativity

So, we now reach my late childhood/early teens and by now I’m being persuaded by Mum to do patchwork. Mum is a simply unbelievable quilter. She crafted a patchwork quilt whilst I was poorly (I will come back to that, I promise) and gave it to me on my 30th birthday. That’s it there, on the left. Nice huh?! Of course what I created was nothing like this. Although I adore my quilt, and the art form itself, my appreciation only really extends as far as being an observer. Actually creating patchwork pieces never really struck a chord with me. Needlecrafts weren’t out altogether though. The somewhat ubiquitous cross stitch became a staple of family Sunday evenings. Mum, Becky (my sister) and I would sit around watching House of Elliott, or some such costume loveliness, all industriously stitching away.

Lots of people are quite disparaging of cross stitch. I think it has a bit of a painting-by-numbers reputation. However, it’s fairly easy to master and can produce some pleasing results. In fact, I can still be found nibbling away at long standing cross stitch projects to this day. However, as I tend to follow patterns created by other people, I can’t really claim this involves any creativity on my part. (Although this does raise the debate of Design Vs. Execution….another day for sure…)

So, to the present day. During my ‘poorly’ phase (I know, I’m teasing you with it now) I went a bit nuts for the lack of any productive way to fill my days. I really don’t remember what initiated it, but I went shopping for some basic bead supplies and created a couple of necklaces, using other people’s patterns. I quite enjoyed this and that Christmas Santa brought me lots of other jewellery making goodies. So, I tinkered about with this for a bit but something was missing…..

Then my wonderful husband, who loves surprising me with nice treats, booked me onto a silver jewellery making class at Farnham Maltings and I haven’t looked back.

So, currently I make various kinds of jewellery and have produced enough to open my own little shop. After all, there’s only so much jewellery you can actually wear yourself!


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