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In this safe, non-judgemental forum I hope you’ll join with me in sharing your creative efforts. There is to be no notion of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ work, just positive reinforcement of any and all creative efforts.
Let’s start with colour.
At pre-school we learn that mixing red and yellow together makes orange and we have no qualms about smearing great daubs of paint across a page. It was all about as many colours, in as great a quantity as possible. What happened to the pride with which we used to run home waving our colourful creations above our head demanding inspection and appreciation? Somewhere along the line we became self-conscious and the notion of standards and achievement tainted the process. Not here my friends. I want to see your glorious celebrations of colour! Next time you are out shopping I command thee to purchase some crayons, paints, felt tip pens, coloured pencils or any other colourful creative medium you like. When you get home, don’t even unpack the shopping (ok, you can put the cold stuff away first) fill a sheet with as many colours as you can. Just go for it. Don’t spend ages debating what shapes to make or how your work should look, just pick the colour that most appeals to you and set it free on the page (or whatever you are choosing to enliven with colour, it could be an egg box, a t-shirt, a wall or a face…..)
Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock understood how pleasing the juxtaposition of colours can be. Just look at these pieces, pure, fabulous colour.
Email me ( with a picture of your own foray into colour. Remember, this is NOT an opportunity to show off or a competition to see who can produce the ‘best’ piece; I simply want to see you enjoy putting colours on a page. Now go do it!


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